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October 2011

Steve Jobs, Al Davis, Roger Williams, and You
What we learn from the passing of our icons.
Skye Jethani: Love Justifies Itself (Part 1)
The wisdom of John Stott can help us reframe the entrenched debate around social justice & the gospel.
Praying For The Weekend: Mindy Caliguire
A daily prayer of surrender.
Shane Claiborne: A Devotion for Wall Street
Does Jesus have anything to say about the "Occupy Wall St." protests?
Silent and Radiant
What the Quakers taught me about the power of quiet virtues.
Getting a Handle on Spiritual Leadership
What are church leaders supposed to do?
Church Growth is Great, But...
Church growth can come at a price.
Ministering to At-Risk Children
Ministering to At-Risk Children
When was the last time you or the members of your team looked into the eyes of a child in need?
Skye Jethani: Recipe for Church-365 (Part 4)
What if your church gave volunteers, leaders, and money to other churches' ministries- on purpose?
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