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Catalyst 2011 Justice and Mercy Part 2

In our celebration of justice and mercy, did somebody get left off the guest list?

Catalyst 2011 has sent a powerful message of Christ-centered justice and mercy for what Jesus called "the least of these my brothers and sisters." So the message this week has been, "Come all you poor and brokenhearted. Come all you children and orphans. Come all you wretched of the earth—shoeless ones, hopeless ones, dispossessed ones, and forgotten ones." Today at Catalyst we heard amazing, heartening statistics about huge strides in combatting world poverty. But, surprisingly, I only heard one (indirect) reference to abortion. So "Come all you unborn?" Hum, I think so.

I'm not criticizing Catalyst because they can only promote so many wonderful causes in two days (and I'm amazed by all that good that's been done in 48 hours). I'm concerned about a larger trend: in our celebration of justice and mercy, somebody forgot to invite the unborn. I'm not sure why, but here are a few possibilities:

1. We're already doing enough. By caring for the poor and adopting children we'll make abortion ...

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