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Catalyst Lab with David Platt

Four "golden calves" that we're tempted to worship.

Okay, so I've never read any of David Platt's books. And, quite, frankly, I didn't know what the fuss was all about ... until tonight. I'm not sure what happened, because I came here to "cover" Catalyst–as a detached, objective, non-participating blogger–but by the time Platt got done preaching, God had brought me to my knees, weeping. The talk was pretty simple–a four-point sermon based on Exodus 32 about the pitfalls of pastoral ministry–but it bowled me over (and I'm not a pastor at this point in my life). So what happened?

First, there's Platt the guy, the ordinary, humble, broken fellow-sinner and struggler who just stands up with a Bible and starts preaching. David started the message by reminding us a few times, "I'm way over my head in every area of my life. My life in ministry is filled with so many weaknesses." Then he proceeded to preach a message that was laced with prophetic zeal, but here's the amazing thing: I never once caught a whiff of anger or self-righteousness from ...

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