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Four Commandments for a staff/pastor search


1. Thou shalt adequately budget for the search.

"Spending 20 to 40% of the pastor's annual compensation and benefits package, or even more, is a wise investment. When you consider needing to do another pastoral search, a poor decision could easily cost two to three times the pastor's annual compensation and benefits."

2. Thou shalt properly administer the search.

"Appoint or, preferably, hire someone to be in charge of administration for the search: keeping track of résumés, correspondence, references, and background checks."

3. Thou shalt communicate to the congregation.

"Written updates to your church on at least a monthly basis will encourage your flock that the process is moving forward."

4. Thou shalt be patient.

"It is not uncommon for pastoral searches to last two years or more. Therefore, it is important from the beginning that leaders encourage the church that they will need to be patient."

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