"Luke: The Gospel of Amazement" and Other Resources

Book and Companion CD

Luke: The Gospel of Amazement
by Michael Card (IVP, 2011)

Luke: A World Turned Upside Down
by Michael Card (IVP)

The Facts: Part one of a four-part project called the Biblical Imagination Series, Luke is an imaginative commentary on the third Gospel. It is well-researched, based on reliable scholarship, and tries to bring the narrative alive creatively.

The Slant: This volume shouldn't replace your go-to commentary on Luke. Nevertheless, it could make for an excellent resource for sermon preparation or as a text for a small group. Card's goal, as he explains in a song on the new album, is to move the story of Jesus "from the head to the heart, from the heart to the mind." He does so by focusing on narrative details—why does Luke emphasize what he emphasizes or leave out what he leaves out?—and helps the reader enter the story. Book and CD are sold separately.



The Facts: Weebly is a free, one-stop, do-it-yourself source for creating a professional-looking ...

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