April 2012

Walking Like SteveSubscriber Access Only
When my friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness, he taught me about dying, and living, well.
Ur Video: Are Mormons Christians?Subscriber Access Only
Joel Osteen & Rick Warren react to Mitt Romney's nomination and faith.
Guilt Gone WildSubscriber Access Only
The right kind of guilt can be healthy. But false guilt depletes your soul and ministry.
Seriously SillySubscriber Access Only
Media, mission, and why the church needs to grasp the power of humor.
The Spiritual Warfare Quiz
Is your church prepared to identify and respond to spiritual attacks?
Ur Video: Miroslav Volf on Public FaithSubscriber Access Only
How can Christians engage the public square to encourage flourishing?
Andrew Sullivan’s “The Forgotten Jesus”Subscriber Access Only
A review in seven limericks.
The Follow First LeaderSubscriber Access Only
Four ministry lessons I learned from my leaders
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