January 2012

Back to (a Theology of) Work We Go...
Why the church must talk about "vocation" and not just "mission" if it hopes to engage young adults.
Jim Cymbala at the Jacksonville Pastors Conference Subscriber Access Only
Being with Jesus in a World of Noise and Hype
Ur Video: Rick McKinley on ActivistsSubscriber Access Only
Activists are really searching for meaning.
Learning to Ask for HelpSubscriber Access Only
It's okay to not have all the answers.
The Religious Views of 20-Somethings, Part 3Subscriber Access Only
Ministry implications for reaching a generation of irreligious activists.
9 Reasons NOT to Plant a Church in 2012 (Part 2)Subscriber Access Only
11 Practices of a New Jesus Movement.
9 Reasons NOT to Plant a Church in 2012Subscriber Access Only
Why church planting may no longer be the best vehicle for evangelism.
The Simple Joy of SabbathSubscriber Access Only
Sabbath should be a day when our structures are released and simple joys celebrated.
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