Book Review: Awaken Your Senses by Brent Bill and Beth Booram

Tasting, Touching, and Feeling Our Way to Spiritual Growth

What does forgiveness taste like? How does grace sound? These are the kinds of questions Brent Bill and Beth Booram invite readers to consider in Awaken Your Senses: Exercises for Exploring the Wonder of God (IVP 2011).

Bill and Booram don't denigrate propositional knowledge or downplay the importance of more traditional, verbal sorts of communication. But they do lament that the majority of our spiritual education comes from "sermons, books, Bible studies and other spiritual resources that instruct our thinking" but often "miss our souls." This leaves us with a spirituality informed by half our brain—the left half, which interprets our experiences—and largely ignores experience itself, which is why the right half of our brain is important: it "does the experiencing through our senses." Instead, the authors want readers to use both sides of our brains and our five senses to gain an experiential knowledge of God. They want to "help more of you [singular] experience more of God."

To do that, ...

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