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How can we make the best use of ministry interns?

Start by answering a series of foundational questions. What is the purpose of the internship? Will the internship be structured around a particular person? Or will the structure and purpose of the internship be established before hiring a suitable intern? How often will the intern meet with a supervising pastor? How will they structure their time together? Do the intern, pastor, and congregation share the same expectations? Have specific goals and objectives been agreed upon and clearly stated? How will the intern know if her or she is meeting expectations? Will the pastor and congregation be open to feedback from the intern? How might this feedback be offered most effectively and in a positive, life-giving way?

Getting the structural questions answered before engaging in hands-on ministry will enable both pastor and intern to enjoy the process of working together toward common, agreed-upon goals before any conflict arises. Not doing so opens up the potential for misunderstanding, miscommunication, ...

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