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How can leaders identify those with leadership potential and help them move into leadership roles of their own?

The Church is not giving rise to many leaders. In fact, we aren't finding enough younger leaders to replace retiring Boomers. Again this week, I got a call from a good friend, a great pastor (age 59) who asked if I knew any young leaders to recommend as his eventual successor. As he put it, "We've talked for years about getting someone to follow me; oops!"

I do NOT believe the current lack of leaders-on-the-horizon is a generational phenomenon. It's not as though pastors have been generating a surplus of leaders over the last 30 years. Instead, they've been praying for God to send ready-made leaders to them. As a pastor whose modest-size church daughtered 37 congregations over 22 years, may I share my perspectives about finding and releasing leaders?

First of all, I never understood church as a place where believers go primarily to worship and be fed. Those are vital components, but church is a training venue to prepare believers for practical and spiritual ministry to people of world (Acts ...

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