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Joel Hunter Responds to Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement

The president's spiritual adviser disagrees with him on gay marriage, but calls the church to a wiser response.

Last week President Obama publicly acknowledged his support for same sex marriage in an interview with ABC News. Shortly before the interview, the president called Dr. Joel Hunter, pastor of Northland Church near Orlando and a spiritual adviser to the president, to tell him about his decision. Hunter told the president that he disagreed with his view on marriage, but the decision would not fracture their friendship. When asked about his relationship with the president by NBC's Andrea Mitchell, Hunter replied, "I love him and he's a friend."

Earlier this week Skye Jethani spoke with Joel Hunter about President Obama's endorsement of same sex marriage, what it means for the church, and how church leaders ought to talk with their congregations about it. The full interview with Dr. Hunter will be in the upcoming summer issue of Leadership Journal.

Skye Jethani: What are you telling people in your church about the President's announcement last week that he supports same sex marriage?

Joel Hunter: ...

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