How Will They Hear?

A surprising way to spread the word about your church.
How Will They Hear?

What's your best bet for spreading the word about your church? The Internet, of course. Well, maybe not. Believe it or not, the newspaper is still an important communication venue. Pew Research asked adults which sources they rely on most for information on businesses, restaurants, and clubs. Top responses:

Internet: 28%

Local Newspaper: 18%

Word of Mouth: 13%

Beat It

After a few minutes the choir and organ gave way to throbbing techno beats, as disco lights spun around on the sanctuary ceiling and the young crowd (did we need to say that?) leapt onto their chairs and began dancing. It's the Techno-Mass. "There is already a hip-hop Mass, there is a rock Mass, and a jazz Mass," 28-year-old priest and organizer Olle Idestrom of Stockholm said. "But it is mainly club music that we listen to and that we like dancing to, so it felt like a natural choice." Idestrom is trying to reach the young people of Sweden, where attendance at in the national Lutheran denomination fell 50 percent in the last ...

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