Social Tools, Better Leadership

You know you should be using social media more effectively. Here's how.

You know you should be using social media more effectively than you are. Your peers have thousands (or tens of thousands) of "fans" and "followers." You have a couple social media accounts on different platforms, but you're not sure what to do with them to serve your people.

Well, do what you've always done in ministry. Receive, connect, and give.


Listen to the buzz. The primary new strength of social media lies not in the ability to broadcast what you think—people have done that for a long time. But now people can talk back. Further, everybody can now broadcast, and you can listen in. You can directly hear people's issues and felt needs. Get beyond your social cul-de-sac into the broader community.

Hear the stories. Social media gives people a place to tell their stories. So tune in to the real-life results of your ministry. You will find yourself retelling their stories rather than continuing to use your own tired tales.

Get prayer. Rather ...

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