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Image of God in an "Evil" Culture

"I think the American Christian subculture has this posture of 'the world is evil, and therefore we need to create our own subculture and then hide out [from it].' I think that the world has a lot that's beautiful, that the image of God is in everyone, but that the world is also broken, and in our selfishness that's there as well. So let's engage and participate in it, find God in it, and find redemption in it. You can do that with art, you can do that with anything."

I wouldn't lie about this …

Brigham Young University professor Tom Meservy studies how digital conversations impact honesty and communication behavior. In a recent interview, he opined about the relationship of our communications to truthfulness:

"What's fascinating here is the way that our media shapes our behavior … digital conversations—like over chat, text, or email—are fertile for lying because people can easily conceal their identity, and their messages often appear credible.

"Even more intriguing, ...

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