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Racial Dot Map

The University of Virginia has a dot on the map for every person in the U.S. They com-piled census reports into a massive digital map of America that can be explored by us-ers. Filtered by race, it's an interesting look at racial segregation's persistence on the regional/neighborhood level. Zoom out and everything looks fine. Zoom in, and the ra-cial stories of a neighborhood begin to emerge. One can "see" trends of immigration, gentrification, neighborhood transition, and more. Useful for students of their neighbor-hood or parish. (Map takes a while to load. Open a new tab and be patient.)

Zoom in at The Cooper Center: http://demographics.coopercenter.org/DotMap/index.html

Replacing places

Barna's City Resources

Barna's demographic resources are key for many leaders to understand the American cultural landscape, especially when it comes to religion and faith issues. While a few of their big statistics are routinely passed around as headlines in Christian circles, don't miss ...

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