Has the Pro-life Movement Lost Its Mojo?

I think so. We've lost the bigger picture of the sanctity of life.

I grew up in a conservative home, as a preacher's kid, the oldest of eight children. I was raised to be "pro-life." In my family that meant vehemently opposing abortion in all forms.

I walked the picket lines outside our local women's clinic every year as a child, carrying a sign that read, "Abortion Kills Children." Every time someone would drive by, roll down their windows and scream obscenities or flip us off, we felt like martyrs.

Those picketing days were the same Sunday every year. The church would be packed for the sermon on the sanctity of life. We'd all get fired up, go hold our signs, sing some hymns, then exchange stories of persecution over pizza. Afterwards, we'd retreat back to our safe, Christian homes. The message I received during this time (not in my own home, but around Christendom in general) was how evil those women who got abortions were. They were selfish . . . under the control of Satan . . . all liberals . . . they hated God . . . they were ushering in the destruction ...

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