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A Case for Prayer

Passionate, specific, persistent prayer is essential to every ministry.

A father tucked his young daughter into bed one evening, and listened with confusion to the end of her prayer: "And suddenly we pray amen." This odd conclusion continued for three nights, until dad could no longer contain his curiosity.

"Why do you say 'and suddenly we pray'?" he asked.

"I thought that's how prayers are supposed to end," she said.

A few moments after he left her room, the father realized what happened. His daughter was repeating what she thought were the words he uses: "In the Son's name we pray. Amen."

I like the daughter's prayer ending. Why? Because it seems more honest.

From my experience, many ministry-focused prayers seem to take place "suddenly," such as when an event is quickly approaching and tasks remain undone. And then five minutes before that event starts, huddled in a corner with teammates. Or when issues, challenges, and tragedies arise. When illness or fatigue catches us or someone we know off-guard. The list of "suddenly" prayers can grow quite long.

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