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Is It Persecution or Just Politics?

The marginalization of faith in America is nothing new...the country was founded on it.

Last month I traveled to Washington D.C. to speak at the Wilberforce Weekend–a conference organized by The Chuck Colson Center. My goal at the event was to help Christians think more critically about the public engagement of our faith in an increasingly diverse culture. (You can read a transcript of my keynote here.) How Christians relate to the culture, including the political culture, is a question being raised more in the wake of last year's elections, and the unfortunate kerfuffle surrounding the presidential inaugural committee's invitation, and dis-invitation, of Louie Giglio.

Some feel the Christian faith is being pushed out of the public square. Others express fear that the Judeo-Christian values and traditions so central to American culture are no longer welcomed in our civil discourse or celebrations because fewer Americans share them. Opportunists jump on this fear and declare there is a "war on Christianity." More thoughtful observers wonder if we're seeing an erosion or redefinition ...

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