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Does "All Things to All People" mean "Conforming to the World"?

How close is your ministry to Lady Gaga's?

I was recently interviewed by Skye Jethani on the subject of authenticity for Leadership Journal. During our conversation, Skye made a comment that continues to linger in my mind. He contrasted one pastor wearing "torn jeans and an untucked shirt and a goatee" with another "in clerical robes burning incense"—and how both can be viewed as authentic by different onlookers. I'm troubled by how the entire matter is framed by outward appearances. Yesterday's Worship Wars have morphed into Wardrobe Wars.

There has to be a better way to think about how well pastors guard the gospel that has been entrusted to them. There has to be an alternative set of criteria to evaluate the evangelical faithfulness of pastors. . .

About the same time that I was interviewed I came across an interview of someone else talking about doing ministry today. Can you guess who said the quote below about their labors? And as you guess, try to picture the clothes worn during the ...

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