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John Maxwell: There's No Shortcut to a Legacy

Don't seek fame. Seek faithfulness.

We live in a culture that wants fame—right now. Social media seems to have given us a shortcut. But John Maxwell encourages us to think of legacy. It takes a process (not shortcuts) to achieve it. "I believe at all times I am one step from stupid. Most people think they are steps away from stupid. Stupid is trying to take shortcuts. Stupid is trying to get something for nothing. Stupid is trying to get on a fast-track without deserving or earning that process … We can get known very quickly with social media. That isn't success; all that is you having 'your moment.' But your goal should not be to 'have a moment,' your goal should be 'have a legacy.' If you are going to have a legacy it is going to be through a process and there are no shortcuts.

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