Friday Five: Jefferson Bethke

Using honesty and spoken word to spread the Good News.

For today's entry in the Friday Five interview series, we catch up with Jefferson Bethke.

Jefferson Bethke is author and YouTube sensation. His latest book is Jesus>Religion. Currently Jefferson is co-director of For the King, a college ministry, and co-founder of Claro Candles, a social entrepreneur start-up that seeks to bring light to social injustice.

Today we chat with Jefferson about fame, Why I Hate Religion, and pornography.

You rose to prominence after your YouTube video, "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus," which has been seen by over 26 million people. How have you handled the fame since then?

Fame is a weird thing, especially in modern evangelicalism. For me, honestly it's weird a lot of the time. But the thing that I make sure to do is stay accountable, under mentors, and in a community of friends that can call me out. My friends aren't "impressed" by me if that makes sense.

You've often employed spoken word to communicate your message. Why do you think this medium is so effective? ...

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