Ganja Love

Pot's new legality lights up a pastoral dilemma.

Any Christians out there want to puff some heady nuggets? Don't worry, we'll toke in moderation.

Let's score some of that sticky, stinky, skunky, outdoor, organic Kush and spark one up! Can't afford 50 bucks an eighth? No prob. We'll get some brick schwag and a Big Bambu to twist a fat cone the size of Jamacia. (Hold the beaners, though; ain't nobody got time for that.)

Yes, friends, Green Ganja and our beloved Red White & Blue went public with their scandalous relationship in the late 60s. Since then, they have become increasingly more affectionate as bffs. And in less time than you think, Uncle Sam and Mary Jane will post a proud new relationship status for all the world to see; THC-PDA, here we come! Full legalization will likely happen in your lifetime, and with it emerges an epic ethical dilemma that few Christian leaders are prepared for.

So far, the dope-smoking discussion has been super easy for all U.S. pastors, whether they do or do not condone alcohol consumption. The law deals ...

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