John Ortberg: Easy Job or Easy Yoke?

The inner ease of Jesus will let you handle hard ministry.

Ministry is hard, and getting harder as culture shifts. But there is one thing that is "easy".

"Jesus is not the giver of the easy job. He is the giver of the easy yoke. In other words, easy doesn't come from the outside, easy comes from the inside. Easy does not describe the problem I will face, easy describes the strength from beyond myself, with which I can carry my problems. If going into ministry you try to cultivate a life that is easy on the inside, you will be able to handle all kinds of difficult on the outside. But if you aim at having a life and a ministry that is easy on the outside it will always be really hard on the inside."

This video clip is from our friends at Catalyst. You can view all their videos at the Catalyst Vimeo Channel

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