Make Room for Me

When Heather Stevens was a junior in college, she discovered that, according to Barna research, six out of ten of her 20something peers who were "spiritually active" in their teens had stopped going to church once they got to college. She saw it happening all around her. Troubled by this, Heather wrote a blog post in July 2013:

"If you are a church leader, this data should stop you in your tracks. It should make you think, 'What the heck am I doing wrong?' "

Shawn Williams, a pastor at Community Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois, understands Heather's angst. "It feels like every generation asks what to do about the 18- to 20-somethings who have left the church. There's something about that age that pulls them away from the church," he says. "The church was asking the same question about Generation X. It's not a new question, but there are some unique factors with Millennials we need to consider."

Stevens turned her ...

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