Each year some excellent leadership books are published. Of course, so are some mediocre ones. That's why we do the annual Leadership Journal Book Awards. We comb through stacks of ministry and leadership books, and, with the help of our contributing editors, we select the ones we believe are worth your valuable time. We offer them in two categories: The Leader's Inner Life and The Leader's Outer Life. We commend these titles to you as you develop your leadership gifts to further the ministry God has entrusted to you.

The Leader's Inner Life

Best Of The Best:

In Search of Deep Faith
A Pilgrimage into the Beauty, Goodness, and Heart of Christianity
by Jim Belcher (IVP)

"In Search of Deep Faith creates a love for courageous Christians of history, connects these discoveries to the challenges of today's world, and charts a course through the European continent that I would love to trek."—Paul Atwater

Our Very Short List:

One Way LoveInexhaustible ...

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