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Ken Ham/Bill Nye Origins Debate: a "...Very Bad Idea."

Is there any pastoral relevance for "debates" after the culture wars?
Ken Ham/Bill Nye Origins Debate: a "...Very Bad Idea."

I thoroughly agree with Internet Monk's take on the upcoming and unfortunate debate (titled "Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids") between creationist culture-warrior Ken Ham and pop-science icon Bill Nye:

"This is a bad idea from both the perspective of science and that of Christian faith...This will be almost entirely an exercise in rhetoric, not a serious search for truth."

More here.

To me, it seems that even relatively conservative Evangelicals would find this problematic in both topic and tone. What's your take? Are the culture wars sufficiently past for origins "debate" events like this to have lost relevance for Christians? Even for those who see scriptural conflict with prevailing scientific views of the universe's beginnings, will this actually persuade anyone other than the already-persuaded?

As for the 25.00 admission charge for the event? The only way I'd pay that to see this is if Ham and Nye (of recent "Dancing ...

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