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How to Preach About Technology (Do)

Practical tips for reflecting in, not on, our smartphones.
How to Preach About Technology (Do)

Enjoy Chris's follow up to his recent "Don't" piece on preaching about technology. (Be sure to read that first for needed context.) Today, he offers a nuanced, realistic way forward, engaging both our devices and our hearts. -Paul

I try hard not to be a curmudgeon. Recently I complained about well-meaning preachers who target iPhones as the source of social ills. It wasn't that daily-life technology isn't a critical point of engagement for pastors. It was just that in many cases, the technology is isolated and objectified as a tool or force, when it may be better understood as inescapably environmental and human.

So in the spirit of forward progress winning over crankiness, I'd like to offer a proposal. Here are my suggestions for how to preach about technology with both cultural clarity and discipleship impact.

There's a little bit of self-identification to do first. This has to do with how we relate to certain technology modes ourselves. Back in ...

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