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NPR on Florida's Drive-in Church

Taking in-car-national ministry to a new level.
NPR on Florida's Drive-in Church
Image: Amy Kiley/WMFE

"Empty pews are forcing churches across America to get ... creative," opens this story on a drive-in church featured on NPR's All Things Considered. One expression of that "creativity"? Daytona Beach Drive In Christian Church in Florida.

Amy Kiley comments:

Liturgical purists might balk at a worship style in which even Communion isn't very communal. Parishioners in their cars drink wine from plastic ramekins with tiny rectangles of bread under the lids. As they do so, the radio pipes out instructions over organ music: "Remove this inner lid and, holding this cup, join me in prayer."

Kiley fills the picture in a little more:

...[P]arishioners say the drive-in approach is perfect for those who have trouble walking or for antsy children who enjoy the open space. Others say they revel in the ocean air and Florida sunshine. And some say they like that the church welcomes the whole family, including pet dogs: When ushers hand out Communion, ...
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