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Religious Diplomacy in a Multifaith World (Part 1)

A conversation with John Morehead
Religious Diplomacy in a Multifaith World (Part 1)
Image: Daveness_98, via Flickr's Creative Commons

John Morehead is Custodian of the Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy, and a man passionate about encouraging interfaith relationships. Enjoy his refreshing take on the Evangelical journey to peaceable, faithful relationships with other traditions. -Paul

Paul: The EFRD fosters "religious diplomacy." Compelling term. Why "diplomacy"?

John: To begin, let me set the context for our discussion on this topic. We live in a multifaith world. In the past, an "interfaith" encounter in our culture involved a Congregationalist talking to a Presbyterian or Methodist. That situation has changed dramatically. Now our neighbors, co-workers and even family members are Muslims, Mormons, Buddhists, Sikhs or Pagans, and many other things. At the same time, America and the West is entering post-Christendom. While there are still significant numbers of people identifying as Christian in America, the church has lost credibility and no longer functions ...

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