The Discerning Leader

Honing your sensitivity to the Spirit

When I was a kid there was a story circulating (almost certainly apocryphal) about a young man caught in a dilemma. He knew two equally promising young women, but couldn't decide which to marry. One of the women was named "Joy."

As the story went, he cried out for the Lord's help, then flipped open his Bible, which happened to open to Isaiah 55:12: "You shall go out with Joy … "

He had his answer.

Like I said, probably not a true story, but you can see its appeal. If only our quandaries were so easily solved.

For the most part, of course, they're not. They require discernment.

What is discernment? defines discernment as "perception in the absence of judgment."

In other words, when there's no set ruling on a topic, no clear instruction telling us what to do, that's when we need discernment.

Some decisions can be made no discernment required.

Should I love my neighbor? Should I be faithful to my spouse? ...

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