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Preaching to the Affections

An Interview with Josh Moody
Preaching to the Affections

Josh Moody serves as senior pastor of College Church in Wheaton, IL. His latest book Burning Hearts: Preaching to the Affections looks at the value and importance that affections have in our walk with Christ and how to preach in a way that stirs those affections.

1) Alot of conservative expositors like yourself might get nervous at the idea of appealing to the emotions. Why is this?

“Conservative” is a word with a wide semantic range. I think of myself as a biblical expositor. That is, I am trying to explain, articulate, apply, deliver, and proclaim the gospel as revealed in the Bible, and the particular aspect of that gospel as it is revealed by the Holy Spirit in the particular passage in front of me. When that happens sometimes we conserve and sometimes we repent.

I think there are many explanations we could imagine—as multiple as the personalities and backgrounds of people who teach the Bible from Africa to India to America to Britain—but the solution ...

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