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In Word, In Deed

Eugene Cho on the underrated need for quiet works of justice.

Eugene Cho is pastor of Seattle's Quest Church, founder of One Day's Wages, and author of Overrated. We talked to Cho about what it takes to truly change the world.

You write in Overrated, "I like to talk about changing the world. I don't like to actually do what it takes." Do you think that this is a special problem for this generation of Christians?

One of the pushbacks that I've received from the book is, "Here's another older leader bashing on the millennial generation." This book isn't written to or for millennials, which is why I don't mention the 'm' word at all in the book. It's written for anyone and everyone who's breathing and seeking to live out their convictions.

I'm sure that previous generations have struggled with the reality of living out their faith as well but what makes our current context such an exciting and challenging tension is that many really do believe we can change the world, and we have the resources and technologies to make a difference.

However, I've been to ...

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