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Broke, But Not Broken

An Interview with Caryn Rivadeneira
Broke, But Not Broken

EDIT: This interveiw was first published, in error, listing an upcoming Friday Five contributor (Cynthia Ruchti) as its subject. Our deep apologies for the mistake. - Paul

Today we catch up with Caryn Rivadeneira, a writer and speaker who serves on the worship staff at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church. Her most recent book is Broke: What Financial Desperation Revealed About God's Abundance (IVP, 2014)She talked to us about struggle of financial brokenness and how the church can better serve those who are hurting. - Daniel

1) You began this journey with your own financial brokenness. Before you were "broke" did you ever think you'd be writing about this?

Well, before we were broke, I certainly never thought we’d be broke—financially—so no. That said, I believe part of a writer’s calling (the “prophetic” part) is to voice what others are afraid to think, much less make public. So, all throughout my career, I’ve written ...

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