Articulated Pain

Did "the" church hurt you, or "a" church? There's a world of difference.
Articulated Pain

Engaging the pain caused by the brokenness of believers is essential for honest, faithful ministry. Today, PARSE friend pastor Bob Hyatt offers a helpful perspective on where our hurts come from, and guess what? Grammar matters. - Paul

I recently did something I don’t do often . . . I wandered into the comments section. This particular comments section was for an article asking questions about a certain high-profile pastor who recently resigned. This comment section was a little different, however. Rather than focusing on that high-profile pastor, the commentors turned their attention to another, slightly less high-profile pastor and some marital issues he had had in previous years.

I probably shouldn't have read on, but I personally knew many of the figures named, and the conversation pushed the "voyeur" button for me. I spent hours wading through the he-said, she-said.

Through the whole back and forth, there were a lot of common themes—the church hurts ...

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