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How Leaders Talk

Words are powerful.

Words, words, words! They are everywhere. Said by everyone. How about leaders? They talk different. Their words stick. They seem important. Why is that?

Here's a list. You guessed it. Three-word phrases. Some complete sentences. All strong thoughts. Or attention grabbers. Shorter the better. And more memorable.

You've heard them. You've said them. Now read them. What's the message? Use less words. Have more impact.

  1. Change creates opportunity.
  2. You'll see someday.
  3. Make it happen.
  4. Embrace the truth.
  5. Know what's real.
  6. Forget all that.
  7. Keep moving forward.
  8. The right time.
  9. The right thing.
  10. The right person.
  11. In God's timing.
  12. I don't know.
  13. Please find out.
  14. Perception is reality.
  15. You tell me.
  16. How's that working?
  17. Are you sure?
  18. Don't be afraid.
  19. Keep it brief.
  20. In the budget.
  21. Consistent with strategy.
  22. Let me think.
  23. What could be?
  24. What if we?
  25. What's the downside?
  26. What's the alternative?
  27. What's the upside?
  28. Better try hard(er).
  29. The bottom line.
  30. Jesus loves me.
  31. This I know.
  32. For the Bible.
  33. Tells me so.
  34. Someday is today.
  35. I am grateful.

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