Parenting For Sticky Faith

An Interview with Kara Powell
Parenting For Sticky Faith

Today we talk with Kara Powell, Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute and faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary. Kara is also a speaker and author of a number of books including a series titled Sticky Faith. She shared her thoughts on how parents and churches can help develop a “Sticky Faith” among teens and young adults.

1) What are your thoughts on the hand-wringing narratives we often hear about the many young evangelicals who are walking away from the faith?

Well, I’m never a fan of “hand-wringing.” But as we at the Fuller Youth Institute have examined other research on what happens to youth group graduates, we’ve concluded that 40-50% of youth group kids from great churches and families drift from God and the church after graduation. As a mom, a leader, and a follower of Jesus, I’m not satisfied with that. We received multiple grants that have allowed us to study over 500 youth group graduates, 50 families, and 150 ...

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