Trumped-Up Charges

Who’s defining your church’s reputation toward Immigrants?
Trumped-Up Charges
Cameron Whitman /

Immigration has always been a polarizing political topic, but these days the rhetorical intensity surrounding immigrants has reached a new level. This reality compels church leaders to courageously apply the truth of Scripture to this topic, or else be tarred by association and sloppy reporting.

Donald Trump began his campaign by describing Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “bringing crime.” Last week, he joined fellow presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Scott Walker in calling for further limits to legal immigration, ostensibly to protect the interests of American workers. He called for an end to the practice of birthright citizenship—enshrined in the Fourteen amendment, though Mr. Trump insists that “some very, very good lawyers” disagree with the plain wording and longstanding Supreme Court interpretation of that post-Civil War amendment—and within days nearly half of his fellow GOP candidates echoed his call. Not to be outdone, ...

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