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6 Considerations for Successful Leadership Duos

Find and keep the right #2 leader.

Whenever a ministry grows or changes, the structure typically requires evolution, too. It's tempting to review and modify every role—except your own. I know this from experience.

The faith-based organization I lead has logged 20 straight years of expansion, with the most aggressive growth taking place during the past 5 years. We frequently realigned staff and responsibilities in earnest attempt to keep pace, but eventually we reached a point where we needed a new perspective; specifically, a fresh look at my role as president. Gulp!

Many months of challenging conversations took place with the board, advisors, and my wife (she serves as my top advisor on all issues, possibly a topic for a future article). A clear conclusion emerged: for the organization to thrive, we needed someone working not just for me, but, most importantly, alongside me. In our structure, the title for this new role is Executive Vice President. Many churches use Executive Pastor. In simple language: the #2 leader. ...

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