Challenging Team Conversations

Leadership teams willing to dive into these issues set a strong pace.

Healthy organizations engage in honest conversations. This requires leaders who are willing to encourage discussions about topics that can cause a culture to capsize if ignored too long.

Over many years of working in, volunteering for, and observing multiple faith-based organizations—both churches and non-churches—I've witnessed many strange decisions and practices. Some were goofy but ultimately harmless, while others eventually created an unhealthy atmosphere. Full disclosure: I have been guilty of both kinds.

The worst violations are easy to target, such as blatantly immoral or illegal activities, but a multitude of subtle and seemingly justifiable acts lurk in the shadows. Big problems often begin as overlooked little issues that, over time, become culture norms. To avoid this from happening, don't sidestep signs that these little issues exist. Talk about them. Such conversations keep the culture positive and healthy by shining lights on problem areas before darkness grabs ...

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