July 2015

How My Calling Discovered Me
How My Calling Discovered MeSubscriber Access Only
I am at my best when I have the courage to clear the clutter away and remember the purity of my original calling.
#DefundPP: From Hashtags to Healing
#DefundPP: From Hashtags to HealingSubscriber Access Only
Leading your church in the fight for life.
Caught in the Doldrums
Caught in the DoldrumsSubscriber Access Only
When there’s no wind in your sails.
Hitting the Reset Button
Hitting the Reset ButtonSubscriber Access Only
Jon Acuff talks about making plans, dealing with transition, and how pastors can help that process.
Introducing ‘Pivot’
Introducing ‘Pivot’Subscriber Access Only
We’re rolling out a new blog with a big mission: to equip and inspire small church pastors.
A Ministry of the Mundane
A Ministry of the MundaneSubscriber Access Only
The life of a pastor is filled with high spiritual moments, but it’s mostly conducted in the quiet, ordinary routines of church life.
Spiritual Opportunity in Silicon Valley
Spiritual Opportunity in Silicon Valley
An interview with Skip Vaccarello.
The Accidental Neighbor
The Accidental NeighborSubscriber Access Only
How I became a better neighbor ... by accident.
Live Into Your CultureSubscriber Access Only
A good team culture is never an accident.
10 Social Media Posts Only the Best Pastors Send
LJ Humor
10 Social Media Posts Only the Best Pastors SendSubscriber Access Only
Fool-proof ways to build your platform and expand your reach.
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