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Meet the Press

5 starting points for handling your church's media relations.
Meet the Press

In my tenure as communications director for a large church, I enjoyed the opportunity to serve as media spokesperson—although I admit that when I was in the midst of a crisis, the word enjoy rarely came to mind. In one especially tense situation, the senior pastor attempted to lighten the mood by saying, “Looks like you’ll earn a master’s degree in media relations!”

Looking back at all that came my way in that role, an honorary doctorate seems more appropriate.

Yet while I'm still waiting on that degree, my experience interacting with local, national, and international media outlets did teach me plenty I can share with other leaders who find themselves in similar situations. To avoid over-simplifying the complex realities of publicly representing a church or organization in the media, I offer five starting points to catalyze deeper thinking.

1. Be smart.

Public speaking skills and media relations skills are not the same thing. Watch the White House ...

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