September 2015

In His Absence
In His AbsenceSubscriber Access Only
When we feel on our own, can we recover the power and presence of God?
Pastoring Rappers
Pastoring Rappers
The artists of Humble Beast on the idolatry of artistry, and how the local church best serves artists.
The Refugees Are Here
The Refugees Are HereSubscriber Access Only
How a German pastor is teaching his people to welcome those displaced from Syria.
Five Podcasts That Model Good Storytelling
Five Podcasts That Model Good StorytellingSubscriber Access Only
How listening to great stories helps me communicate the gospel more effectively.
The Age of Ambition
The Age of AmbitionSubscriber Access Only
Our focus on reaching more people could take our attention away from those God has placed in our midst.
4 Surprising Benefits of Seminary
4 Surprising Benefits of SeminarySubscriber Access Only
What I learned in a classroom that proved helpful in leading a church.
5 Reasons to Still Love Churches
5 Reasons to Still Love Churches Subscriber Access Only
The church attracts many critics, but there are still plenty of signs of health and hope.
5 Pastoral Pet Peeves
5 Pastoral Pet PeevesSubscriber Access Only
After decades in ministry, I’ve identified some Christian habits that get under my skin.
Max Lucado: Dangerous Voices
Max Lucado: Dangerous VoicesSubscriber Access Only
Don't be quick to believe what others say about you—whether it's bad or especially if it's good.
Don’t Give up on the Black Church
Don’t Give up on the Black ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Many black ministers-in-training are turning on the black church. Here’s why they should give it a second look.
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