How Does Your Week Look?

5 pastors share how they structure their schedules.
How Does Your Week Look?

It's easy to talk about scheduling principles. Plan, structure, and prioritize. Build in margin. Carve out time for prayer, family, rest, and exercise. But how exactly do those values play out on a calendar? How can they survive the demands and distractions of the work week? We asked five pastors from different contexts and life stages to explain what a typical week looks like for them. We didn't want them to describe their ideal week; we asked for their real ones. We know you'll benefit from taking a peek into their lives.

God and Family

I'm starting to realize that the question of how you structure your day is a question of faithfulness. I think of Ephesians 5:1—making the best use of the time, because the days are evil—and that's what I try to do. For me each day starts and ends the same way. I start by spending time with God. I end each day by praying with my boys, tucking them in, and talking with my wife, Yvette. Between those two bookends, ...

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