Public Schools Are Changing. Should Your Church?

Four lessons for your children’s ministry and your adults.
Public Schools Are Changing. Should Your Church?

One trillion. That’s the popular estimate for the number of pictures taken in 2015, with volume projected to reach 1.3 trillion next year.

We can thank (blame?) camera phones for our obsession with photos. Oh how simple it is to see something, anything, and snap a pic. A few shots from my recent vacation tell the story of a fun week in Arizona; the other two hundred are overkill (according to the looks on my co-workers’ faces after they ask, “How was your trip?” and I respond with, “Here, let me show you.”)

When not on vacation, my role includes frequent visits to public elementary schools and conversations with academic professionals. I’ve developed an appreciation for how well educators know children (and their families). Most students spend 35 or more hours every week at school. Churches would be wise to consider a few easy lessons to observe from local teachers, principals, and the army of others involved with educating, caring for, and yes, ...

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