How Vision Works
Image: Mélanie Plante - Flickr Creative Commons

Effective leaders possess the knack for seeing opportunities in circumstances. They see a clear picture of what the future can and ought to be. This is called “vision.” The book of Nehemiah offers some powerful principles about how vision begins and then how it grows.

Vision begins with a need.

Nehemiah was a Jewish man in a high-profile government position in Persia. In 445 BC, he got a firsthand report about the Jewish remnant that had returned from captivity to the Promised Land. His questions surfaced some disturbing news. The Jewish remnant faced a shameful, unsafe situation: Jerusalem's walls were in shambles. Nehemiah wept because the need stirred his soul.

Visionary leaders see needs—and it moves them. These needs may even make them weep or pound the table: lost people, injustice, biblical illiteracy, families in financial trouble, or some other type of need.

Vision grows in prayer.

Nehemiah was so moved by this need that he began to pray. Nehemiah's prayer ...

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