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What Will Pastors Preach after the Election of Donald Trump?

After a bitter, divisive election, what will the nation's ministers say?
What Will Pastors Preach after the Election of Donald Trump?

Brandon Washington

Pastor of The Embassy Church in Denver, Colorado

The day after the election, my six-year-old daughter’s school convened an assembly in which her principal and teachers consoled the students. I was troubled by the despair conveyed from educators to first graders. That same day social media was littered with inappropriate optimism in response to the election. One camp anticipates the end of the world; the other anticipates mythical grandeur. In my estimation, both are modeling an unbiblical response to a presidential election. To an earthly president they have ascribed authority and competence that is unique to an eternal King. In light of this, The Embassy Church, on the authority of Psalm 72, has chosen to clarify expectations of an earthly president in a post-election sermon. Despair and optimism are both inappropriate because hope hinges on the temporary holder of a temporal office. Our hope is in the Christ who is divinely appointed as eternal King.

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