Devotions From Building Church Leaders

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  • Lordship of Christ
    The difference between profit and prosperity.
  • Wonderfully Made
    Jesus used a small-group strategy to shape a generation of leaders.
  • Wisdom Of Waiting
    Waiting seems to be about 95 percent of life.
  • Winning Through Weakness
    In the Bible, the apostle Paul, perhaps the greatest missionary of the church, shows his humanness, which makes his words even more powerful.
  • Where Integrity Begins
    People fit to worship God practice integrity in their speech, in their relationships with neighbors, in their business dealings, and in their financial transactions.
  • Where Credit Is Due
    Few successes at work are achieved without a team.
  • When Life Gets Too Hard
    Psalm 46 affirms the sufficiency of God’s mighty presence when life gets too big for us to handle.
  • Weighing Options
    Few decisions in life are clear-cut.
  • Waiting For God
    In our spiritual life, sometimes there are no solutions we can provide.
  • Vision Into Reality
    Most entrepreneurs are visionaries; they see the future and then take great risks to create it.
  • Unlikely Bestseller
    Jesus offers more than happiness.
  • Ultimate Worth
    Only in Christ do we find true worth.
  • Truthtelling Value
    To be fully truthful sometimes requires us to admit to others our feelings, which might not seem appropriate.
  • Truth In Love
    Speaking truthfully sometimes requires a word of caution or an honest insight.
  • True To God
    Wise investors always take the long view—that over time, the stock market will rise.
  • True Identity
    God alone is our source of identity.
  • Total Trust
    Trust is one of the basic bonds of relationships.
  • Time For The Important
    Someone once said that too often we run on fumes rather than out of a full tank.
  • The Trying-Harder Trap
    Before the apostle Paul ever counseled his younger colleague, Timothy, to work hard at his min­istry, he urged him to pay attention to his own personal life—to put first things first.
  • The Right Question
    Where does God want to take me?
  • Displaying 1–20 of 150 Articles
    Page :123... 8
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