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The Zimmers: Clinging to a Dream

If you had been Ken Zimmer's high school guidance counselor back in Denver, you might have questioned his desire to train for the ministry. A middle-of-the-road student who got along well enough but stuck to the shadows, his leadership skills were not apparent. He was not a natural mixer with people, and he tended to hesitate before he spoke. When he finally opened his mouth, he usually had something thoughtful to say, if you didn't mind waiting.

Ken held to his course, however, went to Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, and married Beth the week after graduation. It was a case of "opposites attract." Beth showed spunk, came from a highly educated family, wanted to succeed, liked to organize things. She was eager to get started in the ministry.

Their first opportunity, however, did not come for more than a year. They kept their secular jobs until a church in Pueblo invited them to a part-time position in music and young-adult ministry. It was a church of a hundred or so, with a ...

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