What It Takes to Reach Men

One myth of men's ministry is that men won't join. They will join, if it's not forced and if the cause is big enough.
—Stu Weber

Several years ago, I watched a local television talk show about men who had attended a seminar with Robert Bly, author of Iron John. I thought, Now I'll get to see what the men's movement is all about. These local guys will give it to me straight.

But I was struck by how confused the men appeared. As if in a recovery group, they shared their stories of disappointment and pain.

But they never got beyond them, except to say, "It's been great sharing." There must be more to being a healthy man, I thought, than saying how disappointed you are.

This yearning has caused the male-identity search to spread to the Christian arena. In 1995, more than 700,000 men participated in Promise Keepers weekends in thirteen cities. This year, twenty-five rallies are planned. This is more than a reaction to prevailing secular winds. This Christian men's movement is an artesian well bursting ...

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