Winning the War for Family Time

God, who is liberal in all his other gifts, shows us, by the wise economy of his providence, how circumspect we ought to be in the management of our time, for he never gives us two moments together.
François Fenelon
Time is what we want most, but what, alas, we use worst.
William Penn

Ministers who want to make the most of their family time immediately bump into a complication: the skills required for being a loving parent and spouse — cheerful leadership, attentive listening, nourishing words, caring — are the same ones demanded by the pastorate. This can be an advantage if the nurturing skills developed in ministry can be applied to the family.

But it can be a decided disadvantage if the "people helper" finds his people-helping capacity given over to the church family during the day and depleted by the time he leaves the office. The family gets whatever happens to be left over.

Keith Meyer, who pastors in Maple Grove, Minnesota, said, "One day, half an hour after I'd walked in the door, ...

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